Dear Trouble

26 Sep

Dear trouble,
When I see you I have this insane and extremely uncontrollable urge to jump into your extremely beautiful arms. We both sit as close as possible, we both find every excuse to touch. It is a lifting, fun, intense feeling of want. One I have not felt in a long while. You stare, and I melt. I stare and you give me that come here baby smile. It is painful to try and keep a distance. Everyone is always watching, your friends are waiting for you to get what you want, mine glaring in disbelief at my behavior with you. But I can’t help it. Having you near, touching me.. it is all that I think about these days.
I just wish I could tell my boyfriend that I do not want to be with him anymore. That I found some one who makes my heart race, who likes adventure, who would, beyond a doubt, know how to treat me in bed! But trouble is never good to have around for long…


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  1. (anonymous) October 2, 2009 at 2:34 pm #


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