Dear 16

8 Oct

Dear 16,dare to dream.

I don’t like you. But I oh so much do. My life is perfect right now. I’m in heaven. Which is exactly why I don’t like you. After highschool, after my teenage years, what’s going to happen? Will we still be “Carrie, Samantha, Charlotte and Miranda”? Will I still be the climbing performer? Will he still love and care for me like he says he will? My feelings are so strong, and I still have a life ahead of me! How can I want something for my future so much nowadays when I have 60+ more years to go? The day our dreams are crushed I will look back to you and curse you for allowing me to dream so foolishly. But for now, I will continue living like the starry-eyed teenager I am and dream of New York stages and high school sweetheart weddings.

Frightened of change,


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