Dear Dad

11 Oct

Dear Dad,Love, Your Princess

I have so many things to say, but have so much trouble putting them into words. For some reason, our relationship has devolved into something revolving around money or other related subjects. I wish I could have the awesome conversations about religion and school and the future like we used to. I wish the reasons we talked on the phone were just to catch up instead of barely once a month formalities. I feel like a screw up; like I’m not good enough for you. Like I deserve what our relationship has become. You call me the responsible one, which I can only take as a joke. You can’t be serious. We all make mistakes, yes, which is why I forgive you.

You are a good person.

And I am too. I just wish you could see that all the time instead of getting wrapped up in material objects. Things are better than they have been, granted, but it is because I am not at home. Life at home is difficult, which is why I do not want to move back. Living in the same home would almost surely destroy our relationship. I just want it to be ok to be your little girl, but have you trust that I am a responsible individual at the same time. Maybe we should work on that.

Your Princess


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