Dear Best Friend

14 Oct

 Best friend!!
Where did you go?
I wrote you two months ago, and you haven’t written me back yet. I never talk to you at school, and I don’t know why.
I didn’t do anything wrong, you didn’t do anything wrong, so why won’t you talk to me?
I see you everyday, but I honestly don’t remember the last time I really talked to you.
Do you even care?
Did our friendship really mean nothing to you?
Well it meant something to me, but I’ve moved on. I have new best friends, and it’s fun, but I miss you.
No one knows how to go on guy-spying missions with me like you. No one can sing along to Spice Girls quite as well as you.
And no one will ever replace you, but I don’t think even you can replace you anymore. You don’t fit the mold. You’ve changed, and so have I. But I guess that’s the way it is sometimes, right?
I love you.
I’ll miss you.
But I’ll never forget you.


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