Dear K

18 Oct

Dear K,

I know you will never contact me again, because you can’t face what you have done to me.

When I met you, you were living with someone who you said emotionally abused you. I helped you to get the strength to move on, and yes I fell in love with you. When you wanted to leave him and move in with me I thought it was because you loved me. Now I realise I was just an escape for you.

I never met your friends. You constantly cried over your ex, even when you said you loved me. I paid for everything, I looked after you through your anxiety attacks, and food allergies. I helped you get a new job and supporter you when you wanted to start something new.

And when you got sacked and were unemployed making nothing for months, I paid. I supported you while you built your business.

In the meantime, you never noticed that my own business was failing and that I was bleeding my life into it to try and keep it going. You only thought about your life.

And then when it failed, you told me you couldn’t be with me, and you had already organised to move in with a friend. So I left – my house, my love, my business. I was left with nothing and you let that happen. But you stayed around saying you loved me until you met someone else, and then you just left for good.

I hate that I still care about you, and that you have made me hate again, long after I had left that behind. I hate that you were only with me for what you could get out of me, and when that was done you left.

In the end though, I will survive and get stronger again. But I hope that one day you actually feel guilt for what you have done.


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