Dear “You said you’d be there”

20 Oct


I find myself looking back on the relationship we had often. I think about how pretty much everyone told me you were no good for me. I didn’t want to believe them. In the end they turned out to be right. I don’t blame you anymore for that night or the car accident, or the fact that I will be in a wheelchair forever. I just wish you would have been a man about the situation and stood by my side like a good boyfriend should have. I know I’m better off without you, and I hope you realize what a good thing you lost. What hurts me the most is the fact that you always told me you would be there for me. I can’t believe you could just leave me there lying in that hospital bed thinking I would walk again. My life is completely changed forever, even if I was to regain feeling in my legs right now, it would still take me months of rehab to walk again. And walking wouldn’t change the fact that I’ve already lost two years of my life! I was 19, and I feel like you took advantage of that… I hope you have a long long long life to think about how you have changed mine.



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