Dear Host Sister

21 Oct

Dear Anne,

You know, you were a hard host sister to live with. You made my life difficult. You wanted me to do everything your way. You wanted to possess me and control what I did. You didn’t want me to date. You gave me really dirty, mean looks when I made plans on my own without you. You told me to be myself, then judged me really harshly when I did so. I love you, and we had some wonderful times together for those few months, but please recognize that I’m my own person, and I had friends other than you when I was in your country. You really are like a sister — I love you and will support you forever, but you drive me a little nuts. You and your family are one reason that I both fear and look forward to living in that country someday. Please let me be my own person, not your possession. Only then can our friendship move forward.

Don’t know when I’ll see you next, but I wish you the best until then!



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