Dear Daddy

25 Oct

Dear Daddy,

It should have been you.

The role of a stepfather has to be hard. You didn’t get to experience the emotional rollercoaster of my birth, the joy of watching me take my first step or the intense surprise when the word “dad” came out of my mouth for the first time. You didn’t get to hold the back of my bike when the training wheels came off and you didn’t get to wipe away my tears when I scraped my knee.

The problem is that no stable father figure WAS there during those times. My sad excuse of a biological father was something to be less-than proud of and did not care whether I spoke his name or stubbed my toe.

Then you came into our lives. I can remember the first time I saw you. They say that little kids only remember events in their young lives that provoked intense emotions like fear and extreme excitement. I know that the reason why I remember that day is because somehow the 4-year-old in me knew you were someone who would change my life. The next memory I have of you is your marriage to my mom. It’s weird how all the in between days don’t even exist in my head.

Basically, I want to thank you for stepping in at exactly the right moment in my life. I’m sad that you weren’t able to see the most important stepping-stones of my childhood, but really, you have been there for the most important part of every single day since you first walked into our lives, and I could not be happier.

This is my second attempt at writing you this letter and I still feel like it has not all been said. I don’t know if I could express in words exactly how much I want to thank you and appreciate you. Even if you never read this, I hope you know that your DAUGHTER loves you.

Love you Dad,

Your Favorite


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