Dear my overgrown kid

29 Oct

My overgrown kid,

I miss you!  You have no idea how you’ve changed my life for the better.  I cant wait to see you in 2 days!!!! ah!!! I think that we’ve only grown closer since I’ve gone away to college.  It makes me realize how lucky I am to have a best friend as great as you.  No one I meet could ever replace you.  You encourage me so much, especially in my walk with Christ.  You can basically read my mind, and no matter what, I know that you can make me laugh with the thousands of inside jokes we share.  You dont judge me, and I dont feel like I have to hide anything from you.  We fight like we’re married, and I love that. lol  Not many people understand our relationship, but we both know it’s exactly where it’s suppose to be.  I know you already know all this, but I just wanna say it again. I love ya, and I thank God for you everyday. 🙂

-Your teddy-bear


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