Dear Tomas

29 Oct


I’m not sure which fact about this is more damaging; the fact that I’m silly enough to write a letter you will never read or the fact that I’m silly enough to even have anything left to say to you.  It’s not that I miss you, or that I think about you all the time, but when I do think of you, the memories are fond, and my heart is warm.

I’m sure things would not have been much different had I not been so stubborn.  I’m sure you continue on in life without a thought of me, and I don’t expect otherwise.  I just want my words to find you happy and maybe you’ll even feel a little warm to know someone thinks of you once in a while.  I appreciate what you did for my confidence, and I treasure the time we spent together.  Many moments over the past year have been forgotten but not the ones that included you.

I wish I knew exactly which city you had been from or your last name, or anything more about you to satisfy my curiosity.  All I can do is be grateful for the lesson(s) you have taught me and maybe be foolish enough to hope that I may come across you again one day, and you might remember me.


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