Dear Randy

4 Nov


It’s been around three years now, and you’re still on my mind every now and again. I’m sorry for hurting you not only once, but twice; and with your friends for crying out loud. I regret it with each and every passing day.

We haven’t seen each other face-to-face, but.. you’ve made such an impact on me. I miss you. A lot.

I miss [us] and what we used to be. You always made me so happy, and you made my stomach flutter. Whenever we’d talk, I’d get this amazing feeling inside, and I loved it. When I told you that I loved you, I meant it. Really and truly.

I know you’ll probably never read this, but it’s worth a try. I know I have you as a friend on LIVE and all, but that isn’t enough. We don’t talk. Ever. And to be honest, it hurts.

I truthfully regret ever hurting you, and I would walk a thousand miles for you to be mine again.

I still love you, and I miss you dearly.


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