Dear Caleb

11 Nov

Dear Caleb,
Not to long ago we went to high school together and now that we have graduated and we are in college, you feel the need to be a completely different person. You recently had your second christian tattoo inked onto your body, and the life you are living is totally contradicting everything that they stand for. It’s crazy to see you now-a-days because I knew the person you once were.
You now drink and smoke pot. Your reasoning behind these idiotic choices is that you are older, and it’s more acceptable. Well guess what? It’s not… It is no more acceptable than it was 4 months ago when you wouldn’t even think of picking up a joint. It makes no sense to me how a smart kid like yourself can change completely and turn into something that he was completely against!
Caleb please change back. I know we are not close anymore, but I still want you to be close to God again.


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