Dear Exes and People I Almost Dated

25 Nov

Dear Exes and People I Almost Dates,

What is so unappealing about me? Not one of you have ever given me a good reason for ending things. I’m fed up. After ending things with me, every single one of you got a girlfriend in a different state within a month of dumping me. Was I really so bad that you had to find someone else hundreds of miles away? I wish you’d just been upfront with me. Told me you’re not attracted to me, or that I’m too needy, or some concrete reason why things didn’t work out. None of the bullshit I was fed. I’m not angry at you, I’m just angry at the way you ended things with me. So, in the future, please just be honest with the other women you leave. Have a little more respect for them. Be more upfront. It’s the right thing to do, it’ll offer a lot more closure, I promise.

Sincerely, Not Angry, Just Fed Up


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