Dear Bels

27 Nov

Dear Bels.,
 I know that it’s been hard on us, and you have no idea how much I love you. I’m glad this is anonymous bc I’m gonna sound crazy to a lot of ppl. You asked me last night why I’ve been leaving at night for hours on end. You don’t know where I’ve been going……..I leave your house in a town I don’t know and u wonder where I am……..I’m surprised you haven’t figured it out yet. You know something’s there, so you asked…..Well, I claimed it was because I’ve been having that dream again so I’m afraid to sleep. the truth is that I’ve been leaving and phasing to get over some stress. We just got engaged, and I want to tell you of the curse I carry so badly but then it frustrates me. You ask why I’m frustrated and I tell you it’s nothing. So we both get upset…….what does that lead to….I say something stupid to offend you …

I know it’s been very stupid and that I should have easily told you but the more I try to tell you that I’m a wolf the more I feel I push you away. My strength is to great andIi hurt you when I try to talk to you……… I want you to know I never mean to hurt you. I forget what I am sometimes. I love you and I’m sorry…..I will fix myself before we are married, I SWEAR it won’t happen again. And I would freely take advice on how to control it. bc right now I’m lost hun. I need you and I want you to always know that.


 Your Edward who turned out to be a wolf…..


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