Dear Love

1 Dec

Dear love,

I hate you.  The first and only time I’ve let you into my heart recently ended, and now I’m a complete mess.  Why must you do this to me?  It’s not fair.  You brought tons of happiness into my life only to later manipulate me into being a crazy psycho.  Why did you do it?  Did you see me as just some weak girl who you could build up and tear down like it didn’t matter to me?  Newsflash–it does matter to me.  It matters to the people around me.  Do you think they like seeing me like this?  Seeing me cry and cry over some stupid guy.  Seeing me think so negatively about myself when I have so much to offer.  But I can’t see that now because you have corrupted my mind with negativity.  Right now I don’t want to ever let you into my life again because I don’t know if I can handle another dose of heartbreak.  I know deep down I’m better than the person I am right now and the things I’ve been doing.  I only hope that next time you choose not to tear me down.

Until we meet again,


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