Dear Molester

3 Dec

Dear Molester.
I have hated you for 17 years. You ruined my childhood. You crossed every boundary possible, and you caused me and my family so much pain. I was 6 years old.
I barely remember being a kid as it was too painful to think of, and in my adult life I have been careless and irresponsible with too many men, because I didn’t know where to draw the line and say NO. You taught me that.
I have been angry, I have been depressed, I have been suicidal and I have felt so much guilt.. I thought what happened was my fault.

And today, I’m done. I’m done with the rage, the depression and I am just so done with you.
Today, I forgive you for what you did. You did not know how to stop yourself. I forgive you, not because you deserve it, but because I have to. I can’t carry this anger around with me anymore, it’s destroying me and I will not let your actions determine the rest of my life, because that means you win.

And I refuse to give you that power.

I am happy and I am in love with a man who has the biggest heart and kindest soul I have ever known, and I am determined to live a life filled with joy.
I am leaving you behind, you no longer matter to me.

– Relieved little Girl.


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