Dear Taylor Hanson

4 Dec

Dear Taylor Hanson,

Just so you know, I think we’ve got a lot in common. I watch you guys’ sound checks on YouTube all the time. You play piano, like me. You’re the middle child (at least in the band) like me. Our hair is even similar. You tend to do a lot of the singing, too. My sisters and I sit down with a guitar and sing and harmonize just like you guys.

I had a dream once that I was helping you all with a sound check, actually, and I had to run to RadioShack to get batteries for your microphone. You appreciated me, then gave me a shout-out once the concert finally started. It was wonderful.

Anyway, you guys write amazing songs. I’ve fallen in love to them, cried to them, had religious experiences to them, shared them with friends all over the globe, dreamt about them, sang them in the shower, had them stuck in my head, and used them to keep me going when absolutely nothing else can. There is always a Hanson song that fits my mood and inspires me either to believe in something greater, or sometimes just to dance.

Your existence and your music are much appreciated. Please share this with Zach and Isaac.
Love & Prayers,

[The Fan that would never be starstruck enough to wait at and/or stalk your trailer, but prefers to think of you simply as fellow human beings who are living their lives in a cool way and doing good things for the world]


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