Dear Crush

5 Dec

Dear Crush,

    I like you…I may even love you, though I’ve only known you for five months, and at the beginning of those months I thought you were stuck-up and liked to show off, but now I know you are not like that. You probably don’t know that I like you or even think of you that way, but already life seems to be gray when I’m not around you.
   I am almost frightened by the intensity of my feelings. In writing this letter, I am almost too scared to write everything I feel, because it would look so final…I am afraid to be out of control, and you make me feel that way. I could kick myself every time we talk, for hoping and wishing that you like me back. I know that I am 9 years younger than you happen to be, and that my age now may seem to get a lot of rap about being immature, but I only hope that you’d be able to see that I am not like the girls who flirt with you carelessly.
   I am trying not to get too over my head in love with you, but it is hard when you are nice and sweet and gentle and kind and interesting and curiously intriguing to me…it doesn’t help that you are intelligent. Perhaps one day I’ll get the guts to tell you all this…maybe…we’ll see. I respect your decision regardless, and hope we can still be friends.

Your Secret Admirer,



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