Dear Ex

8 Dec

Dear Ex.

Man, you suck. I just wish you treated me better. I just wanted you to be a boyfriend and treat me right. I just wanted to be treated like a princess. I never have gotten anything like that from you. You’re always so busy with your own stuff that you forgot that I existed. I hate how you pretend that everything is ok.

I just want you to know that I blame you for everything. I blame you for the sleepless nights, the tears I shed and the pain I went through just being with you. You’re a selfish prick. You never really gave a damn about me when all the damn I gave was about you.

I hate how you treat me in front of your friends and how I’m always second after her. I hate how you hate holding hands and doing all those couple stuff. I really hate you for never making me happy.

You treat me like crap. I deserve better than you. You were such a waste of time.


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