Dear You

8 Dec

Dear You,

There’s something I need to say. I promised you I’m not into drinking and smoking like the other crappy people we know. And it’s true. I don’t get drunk, and smoking is a complete joke. But the truth is, sometimes when I’m with the girls, ONLY the girls, I drink a little. We never tell anyone or invite anyone and we never leave the house. Sometimes it’s just relaxing and fun. We don’t want anyone to know and we’ve sworn ourselves to secrecy. We never get drunk not even close. One time at my house though we all got really tipsy and ended up messing around.. but I remember the whole thing I definitely wasn’t drunk. And maybe that’s why I can’t tell you.. because I WAS conscious of it. I feel so guilty. So incredibly guilty! And it’s not like they’re peer pressuring me. They would never do that. But I like it with them. We laugh, we have fun, memories are made. We’re just a little more relaxed and goofy. It’s fun. I keep telling myself I’m not going to do it ever again, even a sip. But for some reason I still give in. Even to that little desire. Even though I barely drink anything I still feel like a piece of shit.. So here I am. Confessing, to someone. And telling that I will never, ever, truly do it again. I’m sorry

Forever yours


One Response to “Dear You”

  1. Tj December 8, 2009 at 9:28 am #

    Honey, it’s okey. The fact that you drink doesn’t make you a crappy person. If it makes you have fun and gives you good memories, you shouldn’t regret it, not even for a secound!

    It’s bad if you drink so much that you get completly wasted, and do things you shouldn’t have done. But to just drink a littlebit, and have fun with friends… I don’t se the problem with that.

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