Dear Symonne

9 Dec

Dear Symonne,

A rising height of snow fall has always dusted my windowsill during winter, and a beautiful hew would reflect off this minute detail. It was the sunlight that had done it, and it was the sunlight that had melted the snow just in time for Summer. We would see each other everyday, because you never wanted to be alone on a summer’s day. I loved that. The afternoon had separated us, because you had to go see him. The ever going tides of my emotion hindered me from seeing this clearly. I don’t blame this on you, or him, but on myself, only on myself. You are so beautiful, and I feel as if you are more beautiful with every passing day. The west plains of my city that blanket the dying sun couldn’t compare to how pretty you are, It’s ridiculous. I know I don’t deserve you. You are so happy with him, The way you talk about him only shows how worthless I am compared to him. I know it’s over, and yet, my mind urges, pacing with vigor, with hope. It will only meets its destination, consisting of my emotions, all at sea, the depths of the ocean, The blanket of the ever-changing, unstoppable, unforgiving earth and, in the dead of night, when my mind doesn’t cease to dream of you. For you, I’d bleed myself dry, and none of that will ever matter.

Love, D


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