Dear Girl of my Dreams

12 Dec

Dear Girl of my Dreams,

The first time I saw you I became breathlessly and thoughtlessly paralyzed by how impossibly beautiful you were.  I was a freshmen in High School at the time and were the most perfect person I has ever seen. Sophomore year your locker was very near mine and you complimented my hair one time at a basketball game, but I doubt you remember. Junior year we had the same class. Soon after I started to develop a crush for you and started to talk to you. We chatted on AIM and I got to know things about you, wonderful things like that you have a 4.0 and you dance. I bet you dance wonderfully, I bet you are as graceful on the dance floor as you are pretty.

But the crush didn’t last long. I almost asked you to that homecoming dance, but a guy beat me to it. Soon after that I stopped talking to you, I figured I didn’t have a chance and I shouldn’t set myself up for extreme disappointment. You graduated when I still had a year left in High School. A couple years past and I still haven’t totally forgotten about you. Sure, there would be long stretches when I didn’t even think of your name, but every once and awhile I think about the girl who completely amazed me.

It has been a couple years since I have talked to you but I hope by some twist of fate that I get a second chance. You are the girl of my dreams, the girl that I could fall so in love with it scares me.


One Response to “Dear Girl of my Dreams”

  1. Ghadir December 23, 2009 at 3:00 am #

    thats sooo cute! call her or send her a message on facebook…you have to talk to her and let her know so at least u can get some closure and move on or find out that she feels the same about you too!

    if you never try, you’ll never know

    any other questions, respond here.

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