Dear Life

18 Dec

Dear Life,
You are so beautiful, and I love you. You are full of light and hope. I’m not sure I can even begin to describe how wonderful you are now, but I’ll try.
For years, I tried so hard to see the good in you, and I never could. I could not get past the dark cloud you put in front of me. I could not escape the cold despair I always felt. I understand now why you did that to me: you were not trying to hurt me but only to make me stronger. You were trying to force me to see the beauty in you. It worked.
I fought hard to make my way through the cloud surrounding me. When I finally broke through, so much was revealed. I look around me, and I see the beauty you put into everything. I revel in the everyday tasks I never thought to consider. I wake with each passing day, and I marvel at the phenomenon of sleep and waking.
I’m in a wonderful relationship now. He doesn’t have to focus his attention on keeping me alive, and I don’t have to focus on the perfect way to go.
I’m so happy. He says funny things to me, and I laugh. I actually laugh now! I don’t cry, I don’t think you’re an enemy anymore.
Life, I love you. I won’t try to leave you again. I promise.


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