Dear Dan

19 Dec

Dear Dan,
You destroyed me.  I still love you.  I hate that.  I hate being melodramatic, because I know I was uptight and demanding, and I hurt you too.  But JESUS, you expected some ridiculous things out of me with no intention of making me feel appreciated for any of it.  You accepted I think 10% of who I actually was and ignored the rest.  And you made me feel like I wasn’t as fabulous and wonderful as I actually am.  I am now completely closed off from men (a man from school yesterday actually asked why I was so cold) and paralyzingly frightened of sex because you constantly told me that I wasn’t good enough.  And of course this is no one’s fault but my own for still being caught up in it, but you planted the seeds of doubt in the worst ways possible.  I’m heartbroken and a wreck and completely unable to share this with anyone because I’m supposed to be the strong, independent woman.  I despise you with every ounce of my being, and I hope your new girlfriend breaks you the way you broke me.  I love you.



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