Dear Harry

2 Jan

Dear Harry,
It’s january 1, and I want to start fresh with you. I dig you. You are completely messed up. I’m no champion of emotional and psychological perfection either, though, and I think we have a good shot at something.
Things I like about you:
1. your voice. I really like it.
2. your grimace. I see it often.
3. your dog.
4. Your character. You are true. You are very mysterious though, so I am not positive about that.
5. Your intelligence and wit. You are very interesting.
6. Your smile and general presence. You are very sexy.
7. When you have a beard. Also sexy.
8. How you treat your family. Sexy.
I wonder if you care about me the way I care about you. I think about you often. You are not demonstratively affectionate toward me. Normally I’d take that as a clear sign that it’s time to move on. Yet there is a vibe that tells me your just gun-shy because you were hurt. And because we’ve been friends for so long.
I want to call you and see you more often but I don’t want to stalk. The last time we made out was in 1998. 12 years ago. Perhaps we should try it again. No pressure to exceed that, but a kiss could solve my curiosities (I think) … and tell me whether this whole thing is just in my head. Is it? help.*
– sally
* (sorry if this letter embarrasses you and makes you avoid me for the rest of our lives.)


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