Dear Pastor

4 Jan

Hey Pastor,

I’m tired of the paranoia. I go to church to help, not to gossip, not to be afraid. I help the needy and the homeless not to clear my conscience, not to guarantee myself a place in the Big Bowling Alley in the Sky, but to pay them back for all the help they offered me. I stayed, I hung on because the homeless and the needy I ran into in the city always, ALWAYS made me feel needed. I hurt so much when I’m told the needy I help are all alcoholic, drug-addicted rapists. Every needy person I’ve ever met has been so friendly toward me. I have wonderful conversations with at least one person on the street every time I go into the city. I’m going to do something about it now. I’m tired of sitting silently as the rich, perfect church-goers brainwash their children. I’m doing a series of photography on poverty and homelessness. The photography will be beautiful, and I will get it into the community one way or another. I hope with the series, emotion and personality will be brought to the needy and the church-going, holier-than-thou, stay-at-home mother, rich, obnoxious women will understand that the homeless are not to be feared. I want to get across that maybe, just maybe, the homeless are real people, too, and have real stories and real lives. I’m going against everyone’s paranoid wishes. I’m going to converse, I’m going to get close. Those living on the streets mean the world to me, and it’s time to give back.

I’ll make a difference, and it will be beautiful.


3 Responses to “Dear Pastor”

  1. FireStarter January 6, 2010 at 6:27 am #

    This is absolutely beautiful.

  2. Diana January 6, 2010 at 3:46 pm #

    I hope you succeed. This is an amazing idea. I really want to make a big difference to people. People have done so much for me too, even if not homeless ones. The homeless are some of the people who need help the most. & to be honest, as mucbh as I’d like to help with morfe than spare change, I’m scared of them. A few days ago I read a post on a forum by a girl telling how she had bought a homeless guy coffee and had a chat. Somehow, I’m convinced that kind of attitude helps even more than the material stuff … and yet I, too, have been conditioned to be wary of them, to fear them, to think they will do me harm, etc. Exactly as you say here. i would like to change myself; it is difficult, though, when you’ve been told the same things over and over, as facts, since you were a child… So I am hoping you can make a difference in the way adults see this issue so that they will no longer teach their children to be afraid, but rather to be compassionate. lovely letter.

  3. Amanda January 7, 2010 at 11:36 pm #

    I too have been conditioned this way. I have personally been involved with a couple scary situations though so I know I shouldn’t judge them all on those circumstances, but I have somewhat of a scary background with those. the reason I am writing this is because an old friend of mine has gone off into the world to live as a homeless person. It scares me what will become of her. It is completely her own choice, but I hope she comes across someone like you. Someone willing to help her out. And I hope because of her I will be willing to have your kindness.

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