Dear Crush

6 Jan

Dear Crush,

I really really like you. Do you know how many times I’ve tried not to? How many times I have told myself that I don’t like you, that I don’t need you? So many times, and so many times I have failed, because when I see you, my brain is mush, and I blush like a tomato. Do you know that my eyes fill with tears when I think about living life without you, that I almost called you my husband? We aren’t even dating, you’re just now looking at me and noticing me. My heart is way into this…I hope you don’t break it. Please don’t.

 Your Secret Admirer,



One Response to “Dear Crush”

  1. S January 8, 2010 at 12:59 am #


    I went through the same situation. I convinced myself for months that I had no feelings for my best friend at the time, even though everyone else could see it. He was seeing someone else off and on for a year+ and I didn’t want to step on that, I was afraid to lose him as a friend, and I had just entirely fooled myself into thinking what I felt for him was only a deep friendship. One day I let guard down on accident, let myself realize how I felt. A month later he kissed me, and now we’ve been dating for 8 months. Sometimes you have to let yourself feel what’s true and do something bold.


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