Dear Mom

6 Jan

Dear Mom,

 You chose him over me so many times.  He mentally and emotionally abuses me constantly and yet you do nothing.  You call yourself a mother?  What mother just sits around as her daughter gets verbally battered by your husband?  You pushed my sister away, your pushed my brother away, and I was left to stay, because I loved you, and I didn’t want you to think I was abandoning you.  I gave up my happiness and my sanity to see you happy.

 Are you really happy though?

 It doesn’t matter though, it’s 11:13 on a sunday night, and I am writing you this letter that you will never read because I need to get my feelings off my chest.  Monday me and my daddy are going to family court and whether or not you like it I’m moving in with him.

 I’m still going to see my sister and my neice, but not you, not while your with him.  I will NEVER sacrifice my happiness for you again.  I have for years, and I’m sick and tired of it!!  I am important. I need my freedom. I NEED to be freed of you so I can live.  I’m not your slave anymore, and I will no longer be there to support you, you were never there to support me when I need you, you never defended me.

You. Are. Not. My. Mother.

 Not anymore.



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