Dear Lost Love

8 Jan

Dear Lost Love,

I think about you every night before I fall asleep praying that I will see you in my dreams. I have searched for you on the Internet for more than four

Always wishing, Always waiting, Always yours

 years hoping that one day you’ll turn up and we could be reunited. We haven’t seen each other since we were practically kids but I realized something while driving home the other day. You might have been the only man who has truly loved me (so far) and I let you go without a fight. I’m so stupid. I should not have told you we were too young to get married. I should have collapsed into your arms and told you I would love you forever (just like the movies) and never let go. Well, I still love you and I haven’t let go, but I’m grasping air here. I have no idea where you are and no way of getting ahold of you. I know your name and that is getting me nowhere. Maybe you’ll read this letter and somehow know it’s to you and find me one day. I think you’ll be able to find me. I’m the one waiting for you. You’ll recognize me.

always wishing, always waiting, always yours,

your first love


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