Dear J

9 Jan

Dear J,

You made me cry twice today.  I feel like all I’ve done since you broke up with me is cry.  I say that I’m happy, I act like I’m happy, but I can’t feel anything but this hole in my chest anymore.  I just want you back.  And I thought that I wanted you back because I was afraid to be alone.  I’m not.  I want you back because I’m still in love with you.  You lied to me for months, told me that you didn’t love me anymore, made me feel absolutely worthless.  I don’t know how I can possibly still be in love with you.  But I know that I am.  And it hurts.  All the time.

 Let’s try this again, boy.  You broke me, so you’re the only one who can help me fix myself.  Please.

 I love you.



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