Dear SBS

14 Jan

Dear SBS,

I’m at Boarding School now. I’m sorry I didn’t tell you I was leaving right away. I told my closest friends, I’m thinking maybe it would have been better had you been one of them.

I’m not entirely sure what you felt for me. Everyone else said you had a crush on me, I tried not to care. I really tried not to – we just seemed like silly little teenagers enacting our little dramas. But now that I’m here, looking back on all the silly affection, maybe that story was the one best told.

Did you know I’m back in town almost every other weekend now? Sometimes I just go for walks around town. Hoping I see you. It’s weird, I know. But… when I fail miserably, when I feel isolated here, I just think about you.

When I was back there, when I was able to befriend you, I didn’t. You reached out to me and I didn’t do anything. I’m such an ass, and I’m really sorry.

I really am.


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