Dear Jim Halpert

15 Jan

Dear Jim Halpert in my education class,
I just realized how handsome you are. Was I blind before or were you wearing some disguise? I can’t remember your name, but you remind me of Jim, and I thought I should write you a little note. If I remember correctly you are a history ed major. Sitting across this desk from you is nearing torture. If I had known you were so funny and cute, I might have tried to switch what group I’m in, but now I’m stuck with 2 people who don’t seem to like me. I wish I was in the group with you and the 2 girls I became friends with. I like your shaggy hair and side burns. You seem so tired today, I wonder why. You seem very genuine and down to Earth. You’re scruffy and adorable and dress similar to me. You have your own taste but will not spend a lot of money on such trivial things. I wonder where you’re from, what you listen to, if you’ve gone on a mission yet. I have trouble not staring at you. I’m sorry, but you are just so enticing. I want to know things about you. I like when you comment so I can
know a little bit more. I hope we can become friends.
-Hoping to become your Pam.


One Response to “Dear Jim Halpert”

  1. MelMel January 18, 2010 at 5:57 pm #

    She totally wrote this in class right in front of the dude. Grande kahunas, mi amiga. I wish I had that kind of epicness in me.

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