Dear Roommate

24 Jan

Dear, Roommate

First off, yes I have a lot of gay and bisexual friends.  I enjoy their company and friendship as I do yours.  Second off, yes I am a very outgoing person, loud, and friendly; but just because of these qualities you do not have the right to call me a Bitch, Dike face, Gay or Lesbian.  I do not appreciate this not because I am gay and have not come out of the closet but because you do not appreciate my friendship as I do, and I for some reason think that if I chose to be gay you would chose not to be my friend and also for that same reason do not like my other friends.  I wish you would get over this fear and see that everyone is special in their own way,and this is one thing that makes us all special, and that being gay is not a bad thing!  If everyone was like you this world would be boring, quiet, and acrazy place to live.

Open your eyes,
Your Straight Roommate


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