Dear Controlled

26 Jan

Dear Controlled,

I just want to start this off with saying that I love you. You have become one of my best friends throughout the years, and I cherish our friendship. What makes me frown though is the relationship in which you are in. Your boyfriend seems to only care about himself, his feelings and is always out to blame things on you. I’m sure he has his side, yes, but it hurts me to hear how upset you get. He gets upset when you aren’t home right away, he gets upset that you want to hang out with your friends without him, and for some reason, he wants you to always fix things. Why can’t he try and fix what’s wrong? It shouldn’t always be your fault or for you to fix everything. You’ve even told me yourself that you have dropped everything for him. Why would you put yourself through that? To be honest, I think you deserve so much better.

I hope you realize this soon before things get much worse.

Your caring friend.


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