Dear Mr. “I’m Afraid of Commitment”

26 Jan

Dear Mr. “I’m Afraid of Commitment”,

I’m so tired of putting up with your excuses. Afraid of commitment? Why don’t you just come out and say that you just don’t want to commit to me. I’ve given you plenty of chances to prove yourself to me. I should have given up on you months ago, but there is something about you that won’t let me. I’m so tired of you lying to me and breaking your promises.How hard is it to pick up a phone and let me know you’re going to stand me up again? Have at least a little respect for me instead of making me wait on you to show up for two hours.
I wish you would just admit to me that you’re still hung up on your ex girlfriend (even though after what I’ve heard about her I’m not sure why). I feel like I’ve proven myself and my affection for you over and over again. Now I’m at the end of my rope with you, and I realize that you’re a waste of my time. I deserve better. I deserve someone who wants to be with me and who would be proud to call me his girlfriend, not just some guy who only finds time to hang out with me when he isn’t busy buying his ex shots at the bar.

And if some sort of miracle occurs and you do decide to call me, don’t expect an answer.

– Over You.


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