Dear His Wife

29 Jan

Dear His Wife,

You don’t appreciate or deserve the boy, so I’m taking him off of your hands. I have every reason to believe that you’ll be happier without him around, we’re both pretty sure that you’ve been over him for a while now. Why else would you literally recoil from his touch, make constant excuses not to spend time together, or just lie there like a dead fish when you do agree to sex? He is a wonderful, loving, gentle man who deserves someone who will allow him to shower affection on them and give it in return.

Maybe its just infatuation and will fade after a while, but I’m woman enough to let him go when that happens instead of clinging and making him stay miserable with me the way you do. I have hopes that it will be quite a bit more than that.

While it’s true that I genuinely believe you will be happier without him, I also sincerely hope that you will move on and find someone new even though I know I would let him come to me even if I knew it would leave you miserable and alone. You’ve made him feel that way for a while now, so maybe a bit of perspective will help you treat the next one better.

Good luck.

The other woman.


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