Dear Me

20 Feb

To Me,

You don’t really have to try so hard anymore in keeping him happy. He is happier on his own it seems. I know that you have really tried hard in avoiding the fights, but sometimes you just can’t help yourself because all you wanted is to see him happy. But that is not the way, neither do I know what way it should be. Just leave him alone like before, but don’t get your hopes too high or you will repeat the same mistakes again by opening your mouth. Let him have his time, love intensifies with abscence. I don’t know how many times I have reminded myself not to start a fight, but I guess that’s just me, and I don’t know which part of me is good anymore. I guess nothing is good about me anymore. I have bones in my closet but so does everyone. Your comfort doesn’t make him feel better, so just please hold on a little more. Don’t let this get to you. Take care now.



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