Dear Hey You…

5 Mar

You built up the courage to tell me you self harm, I know it’s indirectly my fault, Im trying to get you through it to the best of my ability as your best friend, what I haven’t told you is that you telling me made me curious, and now I can’t stop, I need your help as much as you need mine I just cant say because it will make you worse and I dont want to lose you..


One Response to “Dear Hey You…”

  1. Lexi March 9, 2010 at 10:01 pm #

    I don’t think you should tell your friend. It sounds like you just wanted to try self-harm, and it would seem to them like you have trivialised something which is a huge problem for them. Self-harm is a problem, it’s horrible to deal with, it feels shameful, and the few seconds it makes you feel better are nothing compared to the feelings of pain, shame, idiocy and disgrace afterward.
    If it’s really a problem for you, then you should tell because they built up the courage to tell you, and they must trust you a lot – you should trust them too. But if you just wanted to see what it’s like, and you don’t have the emotional problems and instability that lead to it, then I wouldn’t, I think you’d make them feel even more stupid and insecure than they probably do already.
    I hope you get this sorted. Your friend and you are not alone. Get help before it takes over your life.

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