Dear Boss

9 Mar

Dear Boss,

I’m ever so sorry, but we seem to have got ourselves into a bit of trouble. I know you’re married, with three lovely children, but I’m desperate for this to happen. I’m your favourite waitress, I know that, and I adore how you treat me specially. I love how you love my smile too-I smile so much more around you, maybe that’s why.

To be honest, I don’t know why I want you so much. I’m crazy about older men, and the fact that you’re married excites me. I know you’re unhappy with her-that’s why you spend so much time late at night in the hotel with me. I’m also quite keen on your accent, and how feminine your job is.
I love how you blush and aplogise when you touch my waist or hips, as if you’re worried I’ll get the wrong impression. I know I’ve given you the wrong impression of my boyfriend-he is perfect, but I want your fatherly concern. I can resign myself to the fact that nothing’s going to ever happen between us, but I just really want you to know I want it to, and I’ll keep smiling at you if you keep touching me.

Yours, really
Your favourite waitress


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