Dear Roommate

24 Mar

Dear Roommate,
For this entire year, I have tried to be your friend.  I have complemented you, laughed at your jokes, been quiet, stayed out of your way, commented on your outfits and tried to identify with your favorite TV shows.  But no matter what I did, I could not break into your circle of friends or even get you to include me in your weekend plans.  You knew I was free.  You knew I was lonely.  But you didn’t care enough about me to even ask me how my day was.  You left me out of your activities, and you blew off my invitations.  I tried to change myself to make you see that I am a worthwhile person.
But now I have changed.  I have grown, and I realize that I am worth so much more than your snubs and brush offs.  I have friends who want me for who I really am and won’t make me grovel for their attention.  I’m smart and interesting and confident.  I’m going places.  One of those places is away from you.  You probably won’t see me again after this semester, and that’s fine with me.  But you’ve missed out, Roommate.  You’ll never get to know me.  And that’s too bad.

Your roommate


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