Dear Washington

4 Apr

Dear Washington,
I moved to you 8 years ago when I was 7 years old. Before that, I used to move every year, never staying in one place. I had no friends or a steady life. I did not like the idea of moving here, and for the first 2 years I hated it. But now, everything’s changed.
I have what most people always have. I have a plan for my future that I am in love with and know that I can achieve. I have friends that know me instead of people I spoke to for a few months before the next move. I have someone I am in love with. I am happier than I ever was in any of my past phases.
Last night, I found out that I might have to move to California. Just like that. I don’t know if it will happen in a month or in six. But it will happen before I finish high school. I’ve already planned all the classes I have to take and the grades I have to get to go back to Canada for University. I know what job I want to get. All that planning and motivation will shrivel and die. It’s happened before. My life will not play itself out the way I have worked so hard to get it to. I’ve been depressed before. I don’t think I’ll be able to go through it again. What am I going to do without you?
someone insignificant.


One Response to “Dear Washington”

  1. LM April 4, 2010 at 9:58 pm #

    It appears you are anything but insignificant to all those great pp who you have found and surrounded yourself with in Washington. Change is hard for EVERYONE, and moving is especially difficult because there are so many different changes happening at the same time. Remember that, even if you do move again, that your long-term hopes and dreams can still come true. Don’t give up on that future for yourself! Where you are located should not impact your goals. I may not know you, but I am hopeful that you can survive another move with flying colors. Why? Because you obviously are a very strong person to have survived this many moves thus far. It takes a very strong, motivated person to cope with so much change and adjustment. Although it would be sad to leave Washington behind, those people can and likely will always be in your life. Let the confidence you likely gained from your experience there give you the motivation to do it once again, no matter where you end up in life. Best wishes.

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