Dear Boyfriend

5 Apr

Dear Boyfriend,

I know we’ve been dating only two months, but I would marry you. Of course, not right now, because we both need to graduate from college first, but in a few years, if you ask me, I will say yes. There’s just something about having chemistry, sharing faith, and being able to tell you anything that crosses my mind. Thank you, thank you for that. Thank you for taking care of my heart, unlike all the people who have dated me in the past. I thank God that you popped up in my life right when I needed you. Sometimes I wake up and your body is still imprinted on mine; even if you didn’t spend the night, I still feel you there. It’s like you’re some extension of me, and I’m confused sometimes when I wake up and you’re not there. I love you, I love your eyes and your heart, your strength and faith.

So if you asked me, I’d say yes.
Even though I know it’s not the time for that right now.

Your Girlfriend


One Response to “Dear Boyfriend”

  1. Cal April 5, 2010 at 7:43 pm #

    Your letter is short and beautiful. I hope through your actions and feelings your boyfriend can feel the things you feel. I wish you two nothing but happiness and mutual eternal love, if that’s possible.

    I am left feeling envious or perhaps sad. I have not felt this way with a woman or been this connected to a woman for perhaps a decade. I am 33 now. I truly hope to find love in the way you have some day. Reading this letter reminded me it exists and is possible, for which I thank you.

    Best to you!

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