Dear Perfect Body

15 Apr

Dear Perfect body,

Why is it that you don’t come to me? I’ve tried everything I can, but still nothing. What did I do? I know I have many friends, and everyone always says that I have the best personality ever, and they wished they had it, but you see that isn’t what guys are looking for it isn’t what anyone is looking for. I don’t cut it. You perfect body could make me something. I wish I had you, I’ll keep trying until one day I am at least the best size I can be. You really don’t understand, I could really use you for these next 2 years of high school.

The imperfect body of a 16 year old.


2 Responses to “Dear Perfect Body”

  1. Adriana April 15, 2010 at 11:50 pm #

    Dear Writer,
    I am 15 years old going through the same struggle. I don’t have the perfect body, and my friends give me the same speech. “But you have an amazing personality.” Honestly, I agree with you when guys aren’t looking for that girl with the amazing personality and flawed body. But are those the guys we really want? I stopped looking for guys with looks, because most of the time they turn out to be jerks. And most of the time the guys looking for girls with the perfect body only want one thing. Everyone is beautiful in all shape and form. I’m pretty sure your beautiful. But keep trying to find that perfect size for you, if thats what really makes you happy. Best of Luck!


  2. A girl April 16, 2010 at 3:59 am #

    I’ve been there (hell, I am here!) . I even had “the perfect body” for a while, yet it wasn’t good enough for me then either. It cost me too much though. Don’t let your obsession with the perfect body take you somewhere scary like an eating disorder, it’s definitely not worth it (not that I’m accusing you of having gone that far!). I’ve since gone from dangerously thin to a bit above average (I know ,how far we fall from grace), and I am still trying to find that healthy balance. But, it really is about accepting you as you are. Especially don’t do it for a guy. If it makes you feel better, I’ve noticed more eyes and attention my way since I’ve grown beyond the skeleton of a girl I once was.

    an imperfect 21 year old

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