Dear Boy

19 Apr

Dear Boy,

It really sucks that when I look around and you’re not there anymore. You’re no longer sitting beside me nor are you across the room. Sometimes when I have a crazy thought in my head then I turn around to share it with you, I forget that you’re gone. I no longer have anyone to share my ramblings or ideas or opinions with anymore. No one understands the looks that I give but you. And I miss your constant quiet support telling me that everything will turn out well. That I am smart and capable for everything is within my reach. It hurts even more when I walk down the hallways and that particular table in the canteen, and I am reminded of you. It hurts so much that I spend my breaks all alone in the library. But the earth continues to spin, the bells in school will continue to ring, and life will continue going on as if it didn’t happen. School isn’t fun without you. And it really hurts that I miss you.

For what it may be, I hope you’re in a better place now. That the path granted to you will bring you closer to your dreams. For you to be successful, I’ll pray for you. Don’t forget about me.

Your Loyal Supporter, A.


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