Dear Married Man

22 Apr

Dear Married Man,

Why oh why are you so attractive? I want you so much and only because of the ring on your finger.

I’m happy with the boyfriend I have now-love and all that, but what I really want is a married man, you, to have a whirlwind wild magical passionate romance with, where you have to leave me flushed and excited to go back to the monotomy of your wife. I want to be your fantasy, your little eighteen-year-old wildfire that keeps you feeling alive, a total contrast to your wife. In my imagination of course, your wife is a  boring fat old nag who you’re on the brink of divorce with, and I can be the exciting young contrast that keeps you on your toes and lends danger to your life.

Oh please let this happen! You have to make the first move, it’s how it works. I do not want to ruin any marriage or break up any family, so I’m setting my sights on you as I can sense things are falling apart for you. I know you want this too, it’s not as if you haven’t hinted!

And I’ll want you to keep your wedding band on every moment we’re together.

Love and lust,

The Other Woman (to be…)


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