Dear Boy I Do Not Know

3 May

Dear boy I do not know,

Over the summer my family moved, and I was suppose to go to your high school. Instead I am at a sister school. For the past 6 months, I come home, grab a cookie, and await for my best friend to call me. Once she does, I sit and listen to her talk about her day, and after she ends every summary, she says, “Oh and I saw that cute junior 4 times today!” So for the past 6 months, I have thrown in the occasional “uh huh” or “mhm” and never paid attention to you. After all, she has a boyfriend she’s very dedicated to, and she doesn’t even know you. Well about 2 months ago, I got a phone call and instead of a play by play of my best friends day I get a “He has a facebook! You can finally see him now!” So I sluggishly log on, and without much enthusiasm I click your name… and now I think I may be in love. I haven’t told anybody this, not even my best friend. And I know that saying that I think I’m in love with you is ridiculous and stupid and childish, especially since I don’t know you. I
have never seen you in person, I have never heard your voice, but for some reason I really do believe I’m in love. Maybe I’m captivated by the amazing photography you always put up or your smart posts. And a couple days ago, you IMed my best friend and talked to her for three hours about her sneaking out and you picking her up to go hook-up. Though neither of us took it serious since you were completely stoned. So yes, I think I’m a stalker, and yes I think I’m obsessed and yes I really do think I’m in love and I try so HARD not to because I don’t wanna be one of those girls but I have no fucking idea why I can’t help it. And even though you are 3 years older than me, 2 feet taller than me, and are ten times more beautiful than me, I wish we could meet. In one month, summer comes. I have an audition at a theater, and a week ago, as I went to get paperwork from there, I saw a picture of you. Turns out you work there. So hopefully, I get the role, and me and you could spend the summer
together. And maybe, just maybe, though you are WAY out of my league, just maybe, you might fall in love too.

The girl who’s scared shes obsessed
but can’t help but be infatuated.


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