Dear Hypothetical Fetus

9 May

Dear Hypothetical Fetus,
I fear everyday that you’re growing inside of me- everyday that Mother Nature doesn’t come knocking at my door. I fear that I won’t be a good mom because I’m not ready and your daddy’s not ready. But know this, if you’re more than hypothetical, if you’re a living, breathing thing- a baby… I will love you with everything inside of me. I will work ten jobs if I have to and I will give you everything you need and hopefully, all the things you want. If Mother Nature doesn’t show her head by Friday (your daddy’s birthday) I’ll be peeing on a stick and if it’s negative, I’ll finish school and me and your daddy will get married so that one day, you can be real. And if it’s positive, I’ll probably cry a little and freak out a lot but then I’ll wipe my eyes, calm my fears, and be the best mom I know how to be.
Much love,
Your Hypothetical Mommy

(From Editor: Happy Mother’s Day everyone)


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