Dear Medium and Smalls

12 May

Dear Medium and Smalls,

Honestly, you can be so stupid.  You think I’m some big, bad creature but I’m not.  You’re making things up.  You’re always making things up.  You don’t know me, okay?  You only know my misconstrued comments and ideas someone else put in your head.  Just stop it.  I don’t talk about you, I don’t do anything to hurt you, in fact I avoid you.  Why can’t you just avoid me.

Today, you hurt M.  That was the last straw.  We were all laughing and joking in the hallway, we weren’t even thinking about you two.  We never think about you two.  But you decided that we must be laughing about Smalls.  So, like you always do Miss Not-So-Medium, you jumped to conclusions and sent a hurtful text message to the one girl who would never hurt a fly.  If you’re going to be mean, be mean to me.  I can take it.  Unfortunately, I think the only reason you didn’t text me is because you know I can dish it back.

Stop being freaking scared of me.

Leave M Alone,


P.S. Don’t ever call me Large again.  I don’t want to associate myself with the two of you.


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