Dear Soldier

2 Jun

Dear soldier-

You were once the love of my life. I wish everyday after our 3 year anniversary that you were going to pop the question but the only thing I got was the news that you were cheating on me. I hate that you are still the #1 person in my life & the reason I haven’t been with anyone in so long it hurts. I have supported you through thick & thin, all the nasty words & names, all the cheating and abuse. Every minute of everyday I think of you & I wish nothing more than for you to disappear. I should be happy for myself I am in my early twentys & a home owner but the last time I looked at houses was with you & the memory of that has ruined this amazing experience for me. You have thrown away a 4 plus year friendship because she told you to & said that you didnt want to need anything from me anymore. I never thought my heart could break again but it is in fact in pieces. I dont know why I continue to want to be with you or talk to you but I wish i didnt. You may have faught for this country but you wont fight for someone close to you. Someone who fought so many years for you. Someone who stood by yourside through everything you went through. I hope your happy with yourself because I know I’m not.
Forever missing you…

“forever friend”


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