Dear Obviously Still Trying

3 Jun

Dear Obviously Still Trying,

I can tell that you’re still trying to get me in your bed. The hints to clothing and me vistiting might seem subtle to you, but I’m not stupid. I don’t appreciate how you don’t even treat me like you would a friend. You treat me like you’re constantly trying to get some action, which is so frustrating, because I can’t tell if your niceness is ever sincere or if there is motivation behind it that’s not genuine. We were together for a while and even then it wasn’t sincere or genuine, so I guess I don’t know why I’m expecting any more from you now. I guess what I’m saying is that I deserve better, and you need to broaden your search. I’ve been through with your games for a while, but don’t know how to tell you. I’m not sure if I even want to still be friends. You’ve made me feel used and unloveable, and why would anyone want to be friends with someone who makes them feel that way? I want you to stop making jokes about taking off clothes and being fake nice to me so that I will come over. It hasn’t worked in almost a year now, so why are you still trying? You still trying just makes me feel like you still think you can get away with it. But I’m stronger now. I’m not the person you met three years ago and took advantage of. I know what you did and what you think you’re still doing, and I’m not going to let this happen anymore. You don’t control me, so stop acting like you can have whatever you want from me. You can’t and never will again.

– The girl who stopped trying to change you


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